Sunday Morning Business Halacha Program

The Monsey Night Seder Bais Medrash is Monsey's host for the Business Halacha Institute's Sunday Morning Busines Halacha program. This weekly exciting program, led by Rabbi Ari Marburger (Dayan, Bais Din Maysharim, Lakewood, NJ), enables everyone to navigate complex sugyos in Choshen Mishpat, and each topic is covered in depth over several Sundays. Complementary source material booklets are distributed each week, containing all of the Maarei Mikomos needed for that days program and photocopies of pertinent Teshuvos on the topic.   The program begins Sunday morning at 9:00am with learning with a Chavrusa (help for arranging chavrusos is available) followed by the Shiur from Rabbi Marburger at 12:00pm. Alternatively, you can attend a preparation shiur at 10:00am given by Rabbi Eliezer Stern prior to Rabbi Marburger's Shiur.


Program Highlights

• Learning Sugyos in Choshen Mishpat

• Every Sunday Morning

• 9:00am to 12:30pm

• Led by Rabbi Ari Marburger, Dayan- Bais Din Maysharim, Lakewood, NJ