Bein Hazmanim Program

In conjunction with Bais Medrash Shaarei Tefilla, we are proud to sponsor the bi-yearly Bein Hazmanim Program. This program offers Bochurim and Yungerleit an inviting place to learn their morning Sedorim. Shachris is at 6:45am and at 8:45am. A Shoel U'Maishiv is present to answer any questions, and refreshments are served throughout the morning. Early Mincha is at 1:30pm. In addition, special shiurim are given from renowned Roshei Yeshivos and Maggidei Shiur. Of course, night seder is from 8:15 to 9:45, with Maariv at both 8:00 and 9:45. For more information call Yonason Steif at 845-641-1591.