Night Seder

Chavrusa Learning

Bring a chavrusa, or let us help you find one.  You can choose the topic, and when you're available, and we will try to find you someone to learn with.

Either way, theres a good chance that there will be other people learning that same topic, so you'll have someone to talk to in learning.

Call Rabbi Horowitz at 845-558-8600 for more information.


Nightly Halacha Shiur

Given by Rabbi Yosef Meir Kantor, shlita

Currently learning Mishna Berura Hilchos Shabbos following the Dirshu Halacha L'Beis Yisroel Program

Weeknights from 9:00-9:45



Biweekly Gemara Shiur- Monday and Wedneday

Given by Rabbi Yitzchok Schwartz, shlita

Currently learning Mesechta Blank.

Monday and Wednesday nights from 9:00-9:45


Thursday Night Chumash Shiur

Given by Rabbi Yitzchok Schwartz, shlita

Thursday Nights from 10:00-10:30